And so, on the 25th Sep 2012, we finally selected our unit! It was such an exciting and adrenaline pumping moment for the both of us. Upon reaching HDB at the stipulated timing, we fixed our eyes on the screen and keeping our fingers crossed that our unit was still available. It wasnt exactly our first choice, cuz our first few choices got snapped up like hotcakes. But i guess this is all of god’s planning and his directions for us 🙂

Let me share with you guys about our experience in balloting for a flat with HDB. We downloaded the HDB app in our phones and ipads and constantly checked back to make sure we dont miss the deadline for the application. We did the application online and selected the choice of flat we wanted, ie 3rm, 4rm etc and paid an admin fee of $10. There were tons of things to fill up, so be patient and make sure u fill up every single blank.

Waited for about slightly less than a month and got an email from HDB stating our queue number. We had a q number of 860 and were pretty dishearted when we saw it because there were only 888 units available and having such a huge number kinda meant we could select the lower floors, which was smth we didn want. We faithfully tracked the number of selected units everyday, eliminating our choices as time went by, frequent visits to the site to make sure our subsequent choices had the right orientation we wanted. It was such a torturous wait, i dont think i have wanted anything so badly in my life before haha. Anyway, to cut the long story short, praise god that we managed to select a unit on the 29th floor, which was smth totally unexpected considering the hugeass number we got. It was indeed god’s grace that was manifesting throughout the whole process and though we didn managed to hit the #30ish levels, we felt so blessed at least there was smth that we wanted.

So, we balloted for the Kallang/Whampoa Mcnair Towers BTO proj in May 2012. It was a highly anticipated project and many labelled it as project of the year. I guess it’s because boon keng is an area thats deemed very accesible to many amenities as well as the MRT station situtated right in front of the estate. Thats why we decided to go for it albeit the high price tag. We paid a total 590K for our 4rm unit, though a hefty price, we felt it was worth it.

Some peeks of our love nest.

I cant wait for 2016 to arrive! Yippie!:)




A new post for the new year! Howdy 2013!

2012 had been an awesome year, with a blessed career, family, friends and the bestest boy in the whole wide world.  2012 marked the new phase of our relationship because we finally applied for our love nest! Shall blog about that another day!

2013 shall be nothing less than awesome, for it shall be a year of unceasing fruutfulness. I hope to spare more time to revive this blog as well. In the meanwhile, have fun everybody!